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Wheel of Fortune at Verde Casino

Spin the Wheel of Fortune and Win at Casino Verde!
Game Rules

The Fortune Wheel is an action-packed gambling game that is loved across the continents. It is inspired by an American TV show that has been in existence for almost half a century. It has over forty seasons with seven thousand episodes and is currently ranked as the longest-syndicated game show in the US. The first episode was aired in January 1975 and has continued to date.

The gamblers are never late to the party, so by the 90s, developers had already started to tap into the popularity of this show by creating games. Right now, both the TV show and the gambling title have a huge following. You can play this exciting on our website for a breathtaking experience.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune and Win at Casino Verde!

Verde Casino offers you the opportunity to enjoy this exciting amusement in the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to go to our site, sign up, deposit cash, and proceed to play it for real money. Also, remember to check our bonuses and promotions when you sign up!

Game Rules

This is arguably the simplest entertainment available at online casinos. It is made up of a disk divided into 8 colorful slots containing different prizes that include the following:

  • Empty;
  • 4 EUR;
  • 100 Points;
  • Respin;
  • 200 Points;
  • 7 EUR;
  • ×2 per 1hr;
  • 15 EUR.

You should place a bet of between 5 and 500 EUR, then proceed to spin. Your prize will depend on where the arrow lands. They range from instant cash prizes, respins, and points. The Empty tab is the worst because it means that you get nothing.

The cash prizes are 4 EUR, 7 EUR, and 15 EUR. The Respin, on the other hand, allows you to spin it once again without incurring any cost. Points are vital for you to rise up the loyalty ladder of the gambling house. You could also land the ×2 multiplier for 1 hour, which is a very enticing option.

At the bottom, you will find a bar with bet multiplier amounts varying from ×1 to ×100. Remember that your actual winning after each spin literally depends on the reward section of the title and your chosen multiplier. For example, if the result of your spinning is 4 Euro and you play with a 50x multiplier, you will get a 200 Euro prize.

Play this famous title at VerdeCasino to catch a glimpse of this simple yet captivating high-paying amusement. Remember that it is available for registered gamblers only!

Can I play Wheel of Fortune for free?

No, it is not possible to play Wheel of Fortune for free. The game is only available for real money after completing the registration process.

What makes the Wheel of Fortune popular among casino players?

The Wheel of Fortune is popular among casino players due to its simplicity and the real chance of hitting significant winnings. The game also benefits from the popularity of the American TV show.

How much can I win at Verde Casino Wheel of Fortune?

You can win a maximum instant payout of 1500 Euro in Verde Casino's Wheel of Fortune if the arrow lands on the 15 Euro section and the multiplier rate is set at 100x.

Wheel of Fortune
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